As for the manufacturer visited for home construction, it was got into a big car called the Dyna.
It seems to be a car made in Toyota Motor Corporation.
I made a hit a lot when I checked it in a net.
There seem to be 1 ton of product or 2 tons of products.
1 ton of product seems to be able to acquire 1.5 tons, and 2 tons of products seem to be able to acquire 4.7 tons.
It is the gross weight that an amateur cannot imagine even 1 ton, is 4.7 tons not considerable quantity?
So it is great because I can run.
If it is a car of Toyota Motor Corporation, there will be the security to be good.
Because I establish great の trust in Toyota Motor Corporation in the private, I make favor firmly.
The supplier who visited the home minded Dyna got on very much.
You said shyly when you thought that you would do it how because many places of the body were checked many times when you just bought it.
I came when I liked cars very much.
It was such important and I was interested and, concerning a liked car, was able to remember me with a car called the Dyna, too.
Because is a too strange car around home, may know it in suppliers; was studied.
On investigation it is considerably like the car with the history on the Internet.
I became interested more and more and wanted to deepen knowledge.